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Backup / Restore Database


It's always a good idea to backup your databases, that is why MembersGear has a built in backup system, which allows you to backup and restore your database as needed.

Backup Database

  1. To access just select the "Backup/Restore Database" icon from your admin panel. Here you will notice you have two options, one is to backup your database, the other is to restore your database. First lets create a back up by selecting the backup database option. 

  2. On this page you will insert comments so you know which backup you are about to create. Names like Backup1, Backup2, Backup3, or the date of the backup are a good idea. Hit the continue button and your backup will be created. 

Restore Database

  1. To restore a database to a previously saved database select the "Backup/Restore Database" icon from the admin panel. Here you will select the restore database link.

  2. Now you will have the option to select which database to restore. To help you we have included your comments and the date which the database backup took place. To restore the database select the database icon with green arrow rapping around it. If you wish to download the database and keep a copy on your own machine select the blue arrow icon on the far right.

    When you select the database restore icon you will be given a warning message, once you click ok the database restore will start to take effect and will be complete within a minute or two.

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