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Send Email To Users


MembersGear integrates with many of the popular autoresponder services and software. However, if you desire to send emails to your members directly from your membership site you may also do so.

  1. Click the "Send Emails To Users" icon from the admin panel. Here you will be presented with a list of your products with check boxes next to them. You can check the "Check All" box and send to all of your members or you can check each product off individually if you desire to send to product specific customers.

    Next you will select member status, you can send to all members or only to active, inactive, pending, expired members or any combination of this group. You also have the option to send emails to members who did not sign up for this group.

    Once you have selected which group of members you wish to send to select the "Click Here To Customize Your Email Message" button.

  2. Here you can enter your subject and email body. There are variables you can use in the email body when you first come to this page, these are also displayed below the email body to remind you. Just delete the current email body and insert your own.

    Also notice there is an email template drop down menu at the top of the page. This gives you access to your canned emails in case you need to send one of these. 

  3. Once your email is completed just click the send button and your email will be on its way.
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