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Rotating Logout Pages


Rotating logout pages work very similar to rotating login pages, the only difference is that it is shown to the member after they click the logout link on your website. It is most common to show some sort of ad on the logout page. It's perfect timing for an ad, the member has just finished what they are doing on your website and now you can direct their attention onto something else.

  1. If you wish to use the rotating logout page feature first make sure you set your rotating logout page folder to read write permission. The path to this folder will be
  2. You can create any page you desire to be a rotating logout page. Although not totally nessisary with the logout page as it is with the login page, it is recommended you include a link or a button that points back to the login page so your member can reenter the members area if desired.

    In the example below the member is taken to a page with an ad for a weight loss product after they click the logout link. The customer can either click the banner or link to be taken to our affiliate offer indicated by the red arrow, they can click the button we have provided in case they desire to log back into our members area, or they can navigate way from our website on their own.

    Of course this example logout page is pretty simple, you can make yours as stylish as you desire. 

  3. Once your logout page is create it is now time to upload it to the system. Click the "Rotating Logout Pages" icon from the admin panel and then the plus icon next to the add new files. 

  4. Here you can select your logout page and upload it to your MembersGear software.

  5. You can upload as many logout pages as you desire, if you upload more than one the pages will rotate as each member logs out. 

  6. Now make sure you have rotating logout pages enabled under your global settings. To do this go back to your main admin panel and select "Configure Site Settings" skim down to the global configuration area and change your "Enable Rotating Logout Pages" to "Yes".

  7. That's it, now when someone logs out they will be first directed to your logout page.
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