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Rotating Login Pages


Rotating login pages allow you to ad pages viewable by your customer after login, usually something with advertising on it or perhaps tips about using your product. The customer can then read the message on the page and then press a link to continue to the members area when they are done.

  1. If you wish to use the rotating login page feature first make sure you set your rotating login page folder to read write permission. The path to this folder will be
  2. You can create any page you desire to be a rotating login page. Just make sure you put a link or button on this page that links to your main members area so when the members is done reading your ad they can continue to the members area. An example of our login page can be seen below. We have a banner which presents an offer to our customer, if the member click the banner a new window opens.

    However, if the member is not interested in our offer they can click the button we have at the bottom and continue to our members area. It is important you do not forget to include the button so the member can reach your members area. The bottom should link to

    Of course this example login page is pretty simple, you can make yours as stylish as you desire. 

  3. Once your login page is created it is now time to upload it to the system. Click the "Rotating Login Page" icon from the admin panel and then the plus icon next to add new files.

  4. Here you can select your login page and upload it to your MembersGear software.

  5. You can upload as many login pages as you desire, if you upload more than one the pages will rotate as each member logs in. 

  6. Now make sure you have rotating login pages enabled under your global settings. To do this go back to your main admin panel and select "Configure Site Settings" skim down to the global configuration area and change your "Enable Rotating Login Pages" to "Yes".

  7. That's it, now when someone logs into your website they will be first directed to your login page.
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