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One of the great aspects of MembersGear is that it already has a direct link to your payment processor, which means no confusing payment plug-ins to activate. Once your payment gateway is linked in PayGear just set your product up and your ready to start processing orders. To get started just click the "Manage Products" icon from your admin panel and then follow the steps below.

  1. Click the plus sign to add a new product.

  2. In the first section you will insert your product name and product discription.

  3. PayGear settings allow you to automatically import your product into the PayGear marketplace. Just insert your sales page URL, your thank you page URL, and your keywords. You will also need to specify your marketplace settings and if you need additional info from the buyer such as shipping address. Advanced users can also set IPN info and inform PayPal which style checkout page to show.

  4. Set up your subscription terms. You need to enter the price of your product, if orders are life time, and if there is a recurring subscription on the product. If your product just requires a onetime payment select life time YES with no recurring subscription. If however your product requires a recurring subscription you can set that to re-bill at any duration, you may also set a trial price as well.

    In the example below the customer will sign up for a $9.95 7 day trial, when the 7 days is up the customer will be re-billed $37 monthly. Customer has the option to make payment by PayPal or through the credit card processor. 

  5. The display product name feature allows you to display the product name you inserted at the top in the members area above the links to the product. This is usually only used when one product has several links. If your product is only going to have one link to it I would recommend you do not display the product name and instead just name the link when you set that up in the later step under the Link/Protect/Drip/Files/Folder menu. 

  6. In the product availability/visibility section you select which categories your product will be seen within the PayGear marketplace. This will allow affiliates to find your product and resell it. You are allowed to select two categories.

    Here you are given the freedom to set your product access preference. You can remove this product from your default sign up page and create a special sign up page if desired. Require customers to have a previous subscription to another product to access, or not allow access if they have another subscription. You may also set your sorting order, which is the arrangement of your products in a list and require a customer to select a checkbox conforming they agree with your agreement if you desire. 

  7. Email settings will allow you to send an email to a customer or not to send an email to a customer after sign up. If your product requires a recurring subscription you can also set the MembrsGear to send a expiration notice.

    Here you may also set the product as a standard product or a one-time offer product. If the product is a one-time offer product it will be presented to the customer after payment of the previous product. If that is the case make sure the original product thank you page points to the one-time offer products sales page.

    Note: Only use the one time offer option if your first product offered is free, otherwise use the one click upsell option.

  8. MembersGear supports many of the popular autoresponder plug-ins. If you have an autoresponder plug-in activated it will show up at the bottom of the product page. When someone signs up for your product they will automatically be added to your autoresponder service. Just type in the name of the list you want the customer to be added to and press "Submit" to save the information and move to the next page. 

  9. With MembersGear you are able to set your product commission for the PayGear marketplace. You can set a fixed commission or a percentage commission. MembersGear/PayGear also supports a 2-tier commission system. If you do not wish to offer a commission on the second tier just enter a zero.

  10. Just hit the "Submit" button and your product is then created and inserted into the PayGear system.
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