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Add New Fields


By default MembersGear will collect the customers first name, last name, email address, username and password on the sign up page. But you can also add additional fields if it is required for your business.

  1. To add additional fields to your sign up page select the "Manage Fields" from your admin area. Then select the plus icon next to the "Add New Field". 

  2. Here you will enter the field name, this is not displayed on the sign up page, for your reference only.
  3. Enter your field title, this is the name of the field displayed to the customer on the sign up page.
  4. Enter a field description, this is a brief description about the new field.
  5. Display type is the kind of field to add, you may add textboxes, radio buttons or one of many different type of inputs.
  6. Visibility of the field allows the customer to edit this field on sign up.
  7. If you have serveral different addtional fields sort order allow you to display them in a specific order.
  8. Validation function allows you to select what type of input needs to be entered as the new field. No validation, integer value, email value, you decide.

  9. Click the submit button and your new field is now added.
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