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phpBB Forum Plug-In Set-Up


If you want to use a forum within your membership software our phpBB plug-in is just what you need. When signs up to your membership site they will also automatically be signed up to the phpBB forum. The customer can then click to access the forum from inside your membership site without having to have a separate login for the forum, they will automatically be logged into the forum when they login to your membership site.

  1. Download the phpBB plug-in to your desk top.
  2. Unzip the phpBB plug-in. Most operating systems come with an unzipping utility built in, however if you need a free unzipping utility we recommend you find one by clicking here.
  3. Now you need to upload the phpBB plug-in to your /membersgear/admin/plugins folder.
  4. Log into your MembersGear admin area and notice at the bottom you will see the phpBB plug in added but currently grayed out. Select the phpBB icon. 

  5. Now it's time to install your phpBB forum. Very important, your phpBB forum must be installed in a folder named "forum" inside your "membersgear" root folder. From your ftp program, create a new folder named "forum". 

  6. Upload your phpBB files to the forum folder you just created.
  7. Install your phpBB forum.
  8. Before you activate the plug-in, remove all files in your /forum/cache directory. Then apply read/write permission '777' to the /forum/cache directory.

  9. Now you can activate the phpBB plug-in.

  10. The product named "phpBB at YOUR WEBSITE" will be created with a price of zero. You can then go to this product and edit it as you see fit. In many cases it is common to add this product as a free add on to another product you offer.
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