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One Click Upsells


One feature that should be required from any membership software is the one click upsell. This feature alone has been notorious for doubling profits of vendors if used correctly. A one click upsell is basically a onetime offer on steroids. It allows the vendor to offer a second product to the customer after the first product has been purchased and only require that customer to press a single button to add this second product to the order. The customer is not required to refill in his credit card or any order details a second time. As soon as the one click upsell order button is pressed all sales are completed and the product is then delivered.

  1. Set up your one click upsell product as a single payment product first. The original ordered product may be a subscripion product, but the one click upsell itself must be a single transaction product.
  2. You may add or edit your one click upsell downline by selecting the "Manage Products" link from your admin area and then selecting “Upsell Products” under the original product you wish to add one click upsells to. Not under the upsell product you set up in step 1.

  3. Here you will enter the URL of your websites upsell sales page and then press the green plus sign.

  4. You will see three drop down menus appear. The first drop down menu allows you to select which product you wish to offer as your one click upsell.

    The next drop down menu is to generate the action required if someone clicks the “Yes” button and orders your one click upsell. In most cases you want to take the customer directly to the thank you page where they can now access both of their purchased products. However you also have the option to take them to another upsell page if you desire.

    The last drop down menu is to generate the action required if someone clicks the “No” button and decides they do not wish to purchase your one click upsell. You can either take the customer directly to the thank you page or if you have another offer you wish display you may do that. It is very common to offer the customer a lesser package for a discounted price if they decide they do not want your original offer. 

  5. If you select to "Show Second Upsell Page" for either "Yes" or "No" button you will get a second upsell product giving you the same options.

  6. Fill out this second upsell flow. In this example we are only offering two possible one click upsell products. However MembersGear allows you a maximum of three. Once your upsell flow is complete hit the "Add" button.

  7. Now you will notice a "Get Upsell Page Button" link to the right of the upsell flow. You must use the order buttons on this page as the order buttons for your one click upsell product. You must use these order button generated specifically for the one click upsell indicated with the green arrow below.

  8. Once you click the "Get Upsell Page Button" link you will be presented with "Yes" buttons on the right and "No" links on the left. On each upsell  sales page you indicated in the previous step must include one "Yes" button and one "No" link. You may also use your own images or text links with our upsell link.

    Once you add these buttons to your upsell sales page you are ready to start making one click upsells! 

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