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Linking Protecting & Dripping Products


Once your product is created you then need to link it and protect it so only members who have registered with you can access. If someone tries to access the product without registering they will be forwarded to a login page where they will either need to login or register. You can protect as many products as you desire with MembersGear.

Protection in MembersGear also allows you to set a drip feed, so your customers can receive content in any of time frame you decide. Set the exact date users can access, the number of days, or a set number of clicks.

Link and Protecting Files / Setup Drip

  1. To link your product select the "Link/Protect/Drip/Files/Folders" icon from your admin area. Then select the plus icon next to add new file.

  2. First select if you want to protect a file or a whole folder.
  3. You will then enter a link name, this will be the name of the link your members will click to access the product.
  4. Select the file URL to protect. In the case of a folderĀ select the folder you want to protect and all files within that folder will be protected. If you are protecting a folder you will then have to also select a default file where your members will be first taken to when they access this product.
  5. Change the status to active.
  6. Tracking type will give you several options to protect your product. If your product is available to your customer from the time of purchase to forever, then we recommend you protect with the "By Day" option. Here you want to enter 0 for the start day and * in for the end day.

    If your product is a drip product, meaning it will activate or end at a later date you can enter those days here. For example if you desire to have the product activate 30 days after sign up and stay active for 90 days you would enter 30 for start date and 120 for end day. You may also set drip to activate on a specific date or by a certain number of clicks.
  7. Sorting order allows you to order all the products listed. Sorting order 1 will be shown at the top.

  8. Click the add button and your product is linked and protected.
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