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MembersGear Installation is a very simple process even if you are new to installing web based software. Set up only takes a couple of minutes which is outlined on this page. Also note once you start the installation process the on screen installer walks you through the complete set up.

  1. Download the MembersGear membership software from inside our members area. If you have not signed up for a free account yet you may do so by clicking here.
  2. Unzip the software with your favorite unzipping utility program. Most operating systems come with an unzipping utility built in, however if you need a free unzipping utility we recommend you find one by clicking here.
  3. Now you need to upload the MembersGear files to your hosting account with an FTP program. Any FTP program will work, however if you do not already have an FTP program Filezilla is a quality free option. Upload the membersgear folder to your root directory "public_html".
  4. Point your browser to
  5. Now you can just follow the on screen instruction until completion. However, we will still cover in detail the remaining steps in case you are a beginner.
  6. Change the permissions on the listed files/folders to read write.
    • templates_c folder - Chmod to 777
    • /config/db.php - Chmod to 777
    • Then press the "Start Installation" button
  7. In step 1 of the set up enter your PayGear Username, Secret Password and Secret Password Salt. All of these can be found by logging into your PayGear account ( and selecting Account Home >> Secret Keys. Be extra careful to not copy any extra white space before or after any of these fields. For example if you put an extra space in after the last character you will receive an error.

  8. In step 2 you will need to enter your website configuration. Don't worry, if you decide later to make any changes you can go back and make those changes after your set up.

  9. In step 3 you will be asked to set up your email configuration, these preferences can also be changed later.

  10. In step 4 you simple press the button to validate your new MembersGear site on PayGear.

  11. In step 5 you enter your database information and build your tables. We recommend you do not change anything in the bottom half of the page unless you are an advanced user.

  12. In step 6 you simply check the button and create your default administrator login. This login will be username admin password admin.

  13. Congratulations your installation is now complete. You will be presented with a page with several important links, including access to your admin panel. You can always access this page from inside your admin panel by clicking the Installation Notes icon on the top panel.

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