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ImnicaMail Plug-In Set-Up


If you use ImnicaMail and wish to integrate this auto responder with your product(s) there is a plug-in which you can download from the members area. When someone signs up for one of your products and you have ImnicaMail active that customer will automatically be added into the ImnicaMail list of your choice.

  1. Download the ImnicaMail plug-in to your desk top.
  2. Unzip the ImnicaMail plug-in. Most operating systems come with an unzipping utility built in, however if you need a free unzipping utility we recommend you find one by clicking here.
  3. Now you need to upload the ImnicaMail plug-in folder to your /membersgear/admin/plugins folder.
  4. Log into your MembersGear admin area and notice at the bottom you will see the ImnicaMail plug in added but currently grayed out. Select the ImnicaMail icon and set the status to "Active".

  5. Now you need to access the ImnicaMail list code so you can let MembersGear know which list you want to insert your new customer into. To do so login to your ImnicaMail account and select the "Lists" tab. Here you will be presented with all the lists in your account. Select the one you wish to add new members to. In our example we selected list "eBook List".

  6. At the top of the page you need to look into the URL in your address bar. it will look something like this:
    Notice the link ends with 1234, your number of course will be different, but this is the list number you need so MembersGear knows which list to add the new member to. 

  7. Now go back to your MembersGear admin panel and select the "Manage Products" link and edit icon next to the product you wish to add this auto responder to. 

  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will notice there is a new area for the ImnicaMail List ID. Here you enter the number of the ID you just accessed in ImnicaMail. In our example it was 1234. Press save and you are done. From now on when someone signs up to this product they will be added to the list you selected in your ImnicaMail account as well.

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