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MembersGear comes with a plain default template and a couple of example templates so you can easily understand different designs and how the template manager works. MembersGear can effortlessly be configured to match the look and feel of your own website design.

  1. To match MembersGear to your own website's look and feel select the "Template Manger" icon from your admin area. Then select the plus icon next to "Add New Themes".

  2. Name your theme and give it a description so you can easily identify your theme.

  3. Now you will see your theme listed among the default themes, here you can select the manage link in order to make changes to your theme.

  4. When you create a new theme MembersGear will create a plain theme for you. Notice you have two theme files, one is of your main website code and the other is for your website CSS code. First click the "USER_PAGE_MAIN" edit icon to access and change the main HTML code of your website. 

  5. On the edit theme page you will notice the content area and the variables you may use in your content. In order to update the theme make sure you place the code {$USER_CONTENT} inside your theme body area. This is the only placeholder that is a must. All the other placeholders are optional, such as inserting a login link or login status.

    Now to update the theme, make sure your images are uploaded to your hosting account. Open your minisite template and place {$USER_CONTENT} in the content area. Now copy all HTML code between the body tags and paste it into the content area of MembersGear and press save. Remember you can use any of the placeholders as you see fit, but you must insert the {$USER_CONTENT} placeholder into the body area of your minisite.

  6. Now click the "WEBSITE_CSS" edit icon and access the CSS code. 

  7. There is a good amount of CSS coding for the default MembersGear theme, all of which can be adjusted to match the look are you trying to achieve. Above each CSS tag there is a description inside the slash asterisk ( /*description */ ) which explains what the CSS code under it does.

    Press save and your CSS coding will be saved.

  8. Head back to the main mange theme page and press the "Make Default" next to your new theme. 

  9. That's it, now access any of your MembersGear pages to see your new style.

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