MembersGear membership software provides you with everything you need to easily power a membership or subscription web business.

Our PHP software lets you easily integrate and configure your own unique design with our secure management system. A perfect solution for selling digital products with single or recurring billing designed for an affiliate marketplace.

The special PayGear coupling allows us to perform tasks no other membership software can ever do! Built in one click upsells and complete 1099 tax tracking comes standarded with our free software.

  • Simple user interface and easy set up
  • More features than standard $200+ software
  • Easy integration with PayGear
  • Supports 2-tier affiliate programs
  • Supports recurring subscription fees
  • Offer one click upsells (OTO) to new customers
  • Add additional rotating login and logout pages
  • Easy site customization
  • Can protect any files or directories
  • Add an unlimited number of products
  • Drip system : Drip content to members
  • Optional users agreement to customers
  • Include unlimited AdWords tracking codes on thank you page
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I am very impressed with this new membership software MembersGear. Other membership site applications cost around $200 or more. Plus MembersGear membership software comes with more features than any other membership script I have used. Built in one click upsells and 1099 tax tracking are awesome!

I don't know how you guys do it giving this product away for free. Simple step by step installation, easy to follow user guide, and easy to navigate. I cannot recommend MembersGear membership site software enough.  

Russ Clarke - Blue Sky Marketing

At first I figured this was a low budget membership software since the price was free, but wow I must admit I was wrong. This membership site application has some very impressive features I never even saw on the more expensive membership software.

I am not on a budget and could have selected any membership software on the market, but I went with the free MembersGear purely on the ease of use and features.

Jake Hamilton - Split Moon Inc.

Don't be fooled by the expensive membership software package. MembersGear is a FREE all-in-one solution that includes more features than any other membership software on the market, plus MembersGear works exclusively with the PayGear affiliate marketplace. So not only will you receive the highest quality memberships software, but you also get your product inserted right into PayGear so you can build an affiliate base quickly and easily.

No need to ever leave your MembersGear membership software. Any additions or updates done in on your website are automatically updated in the PayGear affiliate marketplace.

Plus install MembersGear today and we will give you a $50 promotion code for PayGear. That's right! So in essence, MembersGear is the only software that actually pays you!

Download MembersGear today and see why you will never need to pay for another membership site software solution again.